The IACRA Nomination Process

You will need to submit a total of 3 forms altogether and submit them all before
the closing date (16 February 2018) in order to be considered for this Award.

Step 1: Nomination Form

Fill in the short nomination form online (scroll below) or fill out a copy of
the PDF here and email back to us right away.

Step 2: Award Entry Form

Download a copy of the Award Entry
Form here, fill it out and return to us before 16
February 2018.

Step 3: Verification Form

Download a copy of the Company Verification Form here, fill it out with the nominated company and return to us before
16 February 2018.


The INTEL-AIM Corporate Responsibility Award (IACRA) honors organizations in Asia that have integrated, embedded, and sustained CSR in their organization. It is not an award for a specific initiative.

The main criterion is degree by which the organization has embedded CSR as an integral part of the way they do business including but not limited to implementing innovative CSR projects and/or programs with sustained impact. IACRA recognizes a company or organization, not a specific CSR project or program.


Company executives from the region are encouraged to nominate their companies. Nominations can also be made by AIM alumni and partners of the Asian Forum on Enterprise for Society and INTEL offices. In addition, IACRA will accredit reputable national award giving bodies in the region to nominate to IACRA. The nominator is encouraged to inform he company chosen that it has been nominated. Please also indicate the contact person and details. The Awards committee will get in touch with the nominated company.

Note: Nominators may submit more than one organization. Please use one nomination form per company/organization.


  • Name of nominating person & organization:
  • Nomination: Yes, I wish to nominate
  • Contact details: Please indicate the contact information of the person in the company you nominated.


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