When AI dominates will you be prepared?


We are thrilled to announce that Ross Dawson, globally recognized leading futurist, entrepreneur, author and strategy advisor, will be the INSIGHT speaker at the Asian Forum 2018.

Ross frequently appears in the media, including on CNN, Bloomberg TV, SkyNews, ABC TV, New York Times, the Today and Sunrise shows, and many other programs.

His bestselling books include the acclaimed Living Networks famous for anticipating the rise of social media, and most recently Getting Results From Crowds.

Watch his interview below and learn more about Ross at https://rossdawson.com


How will AI and humans work together in the future?

There is massive uncertainty on the impact of artificial intelligence on humans and their work in the future.

Some people believe that machines will become better than humans at everything and before long, machines will  do all work, leaving nothing for humans to do.

Futurist and keynote speaker at The Asian Forum, Ross Dawson, argues that the future of work is for us to create and nothing is impossible.  Machines are going to be our best collaborators and there will be  enormous positive possibilities open to us.  This interview below points out how humans and AI are already starting to work together and increasingly so in the future.


Opinion Pieces:

  • This article  argues that AI may increase demand for exactly the kind of work that it is automating. Read about it here.
  • What experts say our jobs might look like in the Tech Dystopia  of 2030.  Read the article here.
  • Capabilities not skills keeps us ahead of the machines.  Read the article here.



  • Two important questions to consider, as we think about the future of Jobs:

    Will the workforce of the future be able to keep up in the race with AI?
    Will market capitalism survive?

    Read about this from Pew Research Centre’s report here.

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