How data will influence building a smart city and improve the future of work

How data will influence building a Smart City and Improve the future of work

The advancement in data analytics and artificial intelligence is increasingly unlocking the doors to opportunities, especially for smart city development and  the future of work. Innovations in digitization, analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation are creating safer and more advanced urban planning outcomes, as well as better performance opportunities to help companies improve their bottom line.

The Asian Forum is proud to announce that Dr. Christopher P. Monterola, Professor; Head, School of Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship, Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Philippines and Dr. Erika Legara, Associate Professor, Analytics, Information and Operations Department, Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Philippines who will be part of the Asian Forum to discuss this very topic.

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Opinion Pieces

  • Helping trains take the strain – How Singapore’s smart card public transport system  has enabled researchers to provide valuable predictive data to enable better planning and convenience to its commuters. Read the article.
  • Amsterdam has become a city where real-time data enables efforts to reduce traffic, pollution, energy usage and crime.  Read the article.
  • A new computer model of city dynamics could pave the way to planning sustainable urban areas. Read the article here.
  • A machine-learning program uses land-use and amenities data to predict public transport use in Singapore.  Read the article here.

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