Future of Energy – What are the options for a cleaner, safer world?

What is the future of energy? Market trends suggest that the demand for energy resources will rise dramatically over the next 25 years and global demand for all energy sources is forecast to grow by 57 percent.  Increasing energy demand, global climate change, and constrained energy supplies are likely to impact how energy affects your business in the future. Is your company prepared for the energy challenges that lie ahead? How can organizations prepare for this inevitable scenario?



  • Can you imagine our world in 2050? This full documentary by BBC looks into how some organizations are contributing towards sustainable energy options for the future.


  • Elon Musk gives a clear explanation on climate change, why it is important to move towards a 100% clean renewable energy economy and how governments can do so.


Opinion Pieces:


  • Why minerals could be the key to fuel the clean energy transition. Read about it.


  • How is China stopping renewable energy from being wasted. Read about it.



Maarten Wetselaar from Royal Dutch Shell challenges the view that oil and gas represent the past, not the future.  Read about it.


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