Future of Work

Future of Work

Organizations are already going through huge transformations in technology, robotics and automation to be prepared for the changes in the work place.  The idea of future of work is not imminent, it is happening right now and accelerating with the dynamic changes in our unpredictable economy and environment.

Re-designing processes, work spaces, learning styles, job scopes and augmenting operations are important aspects when considering the future of work. A depth of understanding into how best to prepare your organization to be agile and adaptable whilst having a willingness to innovate is the way forward.

Below are links to videos and opinion pieces that may raise important questions and thoughts on this important conversation.



  • How will the future of work within your organization be affected by the highly unpredictable environment.  This video  discusses the future of work and the likely impacts for employers, workers and HR.


  • Some highlights from AI and the Future of Work conference organized by MIT’s Computer Science and AI Lab on job creation opportunities that advancements can bring to our economy.



  • Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn in a riveting conversation with Joi Ito, Director of the MIT Media Lab, on the next wave of innovation in the digital era, and the future of work.



Opinion Pieces:

  1. How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace impacting your organization transforming it to become more efficient, responsive and communicative?  This article explores how many companies in recruitment, healthcare, consumer products, and retail are using  AI to rethink, re-imagine and reinvent their business enabling them to serve their customers and employees better.


  1. What Hollywood is teaching us about the future of work.



  1. This detailed report by PWC titled The Workforce of the Future-the competing forces shaping 2030, provides insights into how people think the workplace will evolve and how this will affect their employment prospects and future working lives.

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