The future re-imagined. What story are YOU creating?

The Asian Forum on Enterprise for Society 2018, with the theme “The Future Re-Imagined,” is an international conference on mapping and shaping the future convened by the Asian Institute of Management – Ramon V. Del Rosario, Sr. Center for Corporate Responsibility (AIM-RVR) and the Ramon Magsaysay Awards Foundation (RMAF) in joint celebration of AIM’s 50th Anniversary and RMAF’s 60th Anniversary.

The future is changing and moving at an unprecedented rate and will be shaped according to the choices we make. The trajectory promises to be unlike anything humankind has experienced in the past, impacting people, governments, and businesses in ways never seen before. The future is uncertain and may bring challenges and opportunities, but one thing is sure: the future promises to reset our intuitions and challenge our belief system.

To overcome this unprecedented transformation of our time, new ways of thinking, acting, and being are urgently needed and these are the aspects of the emerging future that the Asian Forum on Enterprise for Society 2018 aims to explore. The forum hopes to highlight new strategies in thinking and to open our minds to endless possibilities — offering perspectives and possible scenarios so that organizations, governments, businesses, and individuals may make better choices in helping to re-shape what tomorrow may be.

The forum will be attended by some 500 industry and civil society leaders, experts, entrepreneurs, and youth leaders from across the Asia Pacific.  More than 30 thought leaders from over 12 nations will bring their educated opinions, studies, and vast experience to this forum. The forum will feature thought-provoking discussions on how relevant today’s jobs will be in the future where robots and algorithms seem to be replacing humans; how technology changes the course of our lives and impact education, mobility and healthcare; how we can create a safer environment for our families; how to create equality and embrace diversity and what the new resource of the 21st century will be; and how governments, leaders, and businesses can work together to create the best future possible.


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