The INTEL – Asian Institute of Management Corporate Responsibility Award (IACRA) recognizes companies
that have embedded CSR into its operations and integrated CSR into its business. These companies
should demonstrate that they are actively promoting CSR to both their internal and external stakeholders.
The IACRA is not an award for a specific initiative or a single area.


Applicants eligible to submit entries are private companies and state-owned companies. Conglomerates and their
subsidiaries can submit separate entries as long as they submit information on the strategies and programs relative
to their operations.

Applicants for the IACRA should have corporate headquarters within the Asia-Pacific region as well as those
with headquarters in other regions but who have significant operations in Asia.

A previous winner can submit an entry as long as there is a significant change and development in its
CSR strategy or program relative to the previous submission.


There will only be one winner of the IACRA.


The main criteria is that the organization has made CSR an integral part of the way
they do business and has implemented interesting innovative CSR projects or programs
that have an impact and are sustainable. Furthermore, these companies should represent
role models and exert positive influences on their stakeholders, their peers and their
community. IACRA recognizes a company or organization, not a specific CSR project or program.


The IACRA entry form will be evaluated by a team of CSR professionals (i.e. academics, consultants and practitioners)
who are also the partners of and selected experts from the Asian Forum on Enterprise for Society (AFES).

Representatives from AFES (the co-chairs), AIM, Intel, an internationally known advocate, and one or
two regional NGOs form the IACRA Selection Committee. The IACRA Selection Committee is usually comprised
of five to seven members.

There will only be one winner. If there are no exceptional companies, the IACRA Selection
Committee is not committed to give an award.


Fill in the IACRA ENTRY FORM (together with the Verification Form) and submit via email to awards.afes@aim.edu on or
before 16th February 2018.

Participating companies need to submit only one entry form for the IACRA.

ONLY entries that are accompanied by the Verification Form, which is signed as true and correct by the
CEO/ President of Asian business organizations or the most senior person in charge of Asian Operations
of an overseas multinational will be entertained. Participating companies must also disclose
any pending issues or criminal/civil cases.

INCOMPLETE forms shall not be evaluated.


The IACRA Steering Committee will ensure that applications and information therein will only be
available to the Organizers, Judges and Steering Committee of the Asian CSR Awards.

All financial information will be kept confidential, unless specifically allowed by
the company or already publicly available.

In line with the AIM-RVR Center for Corporate Responsibility’s mission to
promote CSR best practice in the business sector in Asia, the information included
in the entry form will be part of the RVR Center database, which will be used in
the development of case research materials. The AIM-RVR Center will have ownership
of the research materials developed based on the entry forms.

 For inquiries, please contact:

The IACRA Steering Committee c/o AIM RVR Center
Attention: Ms. Lolita Shaila P. Safaee Chalkasra, Program and Research Manager
123 Paseo de Roxas, 1260 Makati City Philippines
Phone: (632) 720-1010 (local 2614) | Fax: (632) 752-1208 | Email: awards.afes@aim.edu or LSafaeeChalkasra@aim.edu.


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