Inclusive healthcare – a priority for the future

Inclusive healthcare – a priority for the future

In about 30 years time, unprecedented stress will be placed on the world’s healthcare resources when it has to support almost 10 billion people.

How is the future of health and healthcare systems going to be shaped to ensure that inclusive access is ensured?  How can the world deliver affordable and quality healthcare for these 10 billion people by 2050?

How can governments and organisations ensure that people are healthier and can access the care that they need to fulfill their potential.  Even though technological advancements are transforming care, but who will benefit from these facilities and at what cost?

The following articles and videos provide some insight into the current discussions from thought leaders.



The Sustainable Development Goals call for universal health coverage by 2030, starting with primary care. Neither governments nor private organizations can address this challenge alone. This project aims to establish a coalition of partners that builds on existing partner efforts for primary care and universal health coverage. Watch the video here.


Opinion Pieces:

  • Healthy city partnership – Read about this project which is part of the World Economic Forum’s shaping the world’s healthcare system Initiative.


  • Five key trends for the future of healthcare. Read about it here. 


  • Some predictions to watch out for in healthcare.   Read about it here.



The stress on the earth’s natural systems caused by human activity has considerably worsened in the 25 years.

As a result of the “great acceleration” research from many earth system scientists’ suggests that life on land could be entering a period of unprecedented environmental systems change.

Read about it here.

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