Could migration boost economic growth?

Could migration boost economic growth?

More migration, not less, is definitely coming. Today, there are more than one billion migrants in the world, representing a seventh of the world’s population. These numbers will continue to rise rapidly to an unprecedented level of human mobility.

Cities are already struggling to meet the demands of existing residents.  Will the mass movement of people increase the pressure on infrastructure and services?

The following articles and videos argue that if managed properly as a global effort, migration could boost economic growth and enrich the cultures of the host communities.



  • Alexander Betts studies forced migration, the impossible choice for families between the camps, urban poverty and dangerous illegal journeys to safety. In this insightful talk, he offers four ways to change the way refugees are treated, so they can make an immediate contribution to their new homes.


  • Al Jazeera reports that an IMF study argues that  refugees may give Europe an economic boost.  Watch the video here.


Opinion Pieces:

  •  Migrants will keep coming. We should give them the skills they need to thrive.  Read about it here.


  • We need to get better at integrating migrants into our cities. Here’s how.



  • MVP leads turnover of ‘upgraded’ PLM innovation center to City of Manila. Read about it here.

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