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Welcome to the inaugural blog of The Asian Forum on Enterprise for Society. Be one of the first to learn about the upcoming Asian Forum on Enterprise for Society, a significant conference in 2018 focusing on corporate governance and responsibility, and social innovation.

The two-day Forum, entitled The Future Re-Imagined, will be held in Manila from 17–18 April 2018.

What can you expect from upcoming blogs?

Upcoming blogs will cover the latest ideas and case studies from thought leaders and speakers on subjects about the future. Blog issues will also contain stories of exemplary corporations and individuals who are making significant changes in their community.

Other topics to be included in future issues are: the future of work, artificial intelligence, inclusive healthcare, education, alternative and sustainable energy sources, autonomous modes of transport, smart migration, music and the arts, and more.

What makes this conversation unique and significant?

Each of the topics above will be examined through the critical lenses of Social Innovation, Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Governance, and Greatness of Spirit, the four underpinning pillars of the Asian Forum. We hope to start a conversation and prompt people to ask, What can we do to re-imagine, shape, and inspire the Future together?”


Thank you!

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The Asian Forum 2018 Team


About The Asian Forum

The Asian Forum is an initiative by the Ramon V del Rosario, Sr. Center for Corporate Responsibility and The Asian Institute of Management. This year, the forum will co-convene with the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation in conjunction with its 60th anniversary celebration.

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